Freedom Radio 99.5 Kano

Located in Kano, one of the strategic gateway of products and services in Nigeria, Freedom Radio commenced operations on 1st December 2003, equipped with cutting-edge technology and a team of highly trained professionals.

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The Vision of the station is “to be an excellent Mouthpiece of the Citizenry for expression of their Views and protection of their Values”

freedom radio

Radio Station Information

  • Kano, Nigeria
  • Frequency: FM 99.5 MHz
  • Hausa
  •  Freedom Radio, Plot 47 Sharada Phase I. Post Mail: Freedom Radio, PMB 3265 Kano State, Nigeria
  • Phone: +23464431653, +23464431654, +23464431655, +23464431656, +23464431657
  • Website:

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