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Here Is Every Aircraft Carrier in the World

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Shawn Santo
Shawn Santo, Metallurgical Engineer at RAE Engineering & Inspection (2002-present)

The US Navy has the following carriers in service:

  • 10 Nimitz class super carriers
  • 1 Ford class super carrier undergoing sea trials with one more under construction and seven more planned
  • 3 America class Amphibious Assault ships (with 11 planned in total)
  • 8 Wasp class Amphibious Assault ships (I included these because they are technically carriers and can operate fixed wing aircraft)

Other countries with carriers in service:


  • Two Canberra class in service


  • One ex-Soviet Kuznetsov class in service
  • Two carriers under construction currently (1 x Type 001A and 1 x Type 002)


  • Two Mistral class in service


  • One Charles de Gaulle class in service
  • Three Mistral class in service


  • One ex-Soviet Kiev class in service
  • One Vikrant class under construction with one more planned


  • One Cavour class in service
  • One Giuseppe Garibaldi class in service
  • One Trieste class under construction

Japan (technically has carriers in all but name)

  • Two Izumo class helicopter destroyers
  • Two Hyuga class helicopter destroyers


  • One ex-Soviet Kuznetsov class in service

South Korea

  • One Dokdo class in service


  • One Juan Carlos class in service


  • One carrier technically in service but only used as a helicopter carrier since 2006.


  • One Ocean class was recently decommissioned
  • One Queen Elizabeth class (HMS Queen Elizabeth) commissioned undergoing sea trials with one more (HMS Prince of Wales) under construction

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