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Busted google.com.ng using Unsuspecting Nigerians Data to make Money on Internet and Claiming your Information is Theirs !

BUSTS Nigerian Biography A Suspected Scam Website For Mini Biographies Of Notable Nigerians By Anonymous Uche & Maureen

Without Surnames without Photo Graphs or Address on facebook on linkedin !


WE are not in Competition with any website but a Certain Suspicious website has decided to call us Internet Thieves of their Content . We have done some Investigations and have this to say to you all Dear Nigerians 

23 Oct 2016 The Face Of Profile Content Thieves ! Nigerians Beware! Posted By Nigerian Engine Abiel Abiodun engine.com.ng , Many Online publishers are victims of cyber attack by content thieves like who go by the name of Uche & Maureen of google.com.ng

when you expose them they say on their website that you are a hacker !

they have said this to me on their website that i have copied their website information as if the biography of  Nigerian people is their personal property especially when those people do not know their profiles are being used for purposes they have no knowledge of !

Meanwhile There is nothing of their profiles they have "unlawfully" obained on our website anymore as we do not want to partake of their unclear motives .

They have been posting Profiles of People on their blog in Nigerian Biography since beyond July 2016 and posting them on their website as their property online without the People knowing . Many Famous people are listed on their website without their Knowledge and use it to pose like they own the information We want to use this opportunity to let Nigerians know that these are People who Pose as if they have told you they have your correct information and then claim this iformation is only for them ! without contacting you ! When you try to use this infromation as it is public information they call you a copyright thier or Hacker !

They have no phone numbers on their Website none at all . This is their real 234 8123750281 real phone number Their Host does not have a phone number the hosts of his site so that EFCC, Police and DSS Will not find them They have no contact address no office no profile on linked in No photographs to identify who they are ! . Nigerian’s are called to be careful with this website google.com.ng . We will keep updating the general public on the activities of this Maureen and Uche

they accuse us on engine.com.ng that we are stealing their information . because we are Exposing Them !
The Faces Of Data Traders and Content Thieves ! Nigerians Beware! Exposed ! , The Nigerian Blog Content Thief Many Online publishers are victims of cyber attack by content thieves like

THE PEOPLE and Biographys ON THIER SITE DO NOT KNOW THIER PROFILES ARE BEING USED to make Money ! and they claim the people put it there by themselves as if they even have idea their information is there
Maureen & Uche Read their statement here http://www.google.com.ng/p/nigerian-biography-user-agreement-your.html

ser Agreement Your License to Nigerian Biography You own all of the content, feedback, and personal information you provide to us, but you also grant us a non-exclusive license to it. You authorize us to decide who gets to see your information and content. You promise to only provide information and content that you have the right to share, and that your Nigerian Biography profile will be truthful. As between you and Nigerian Biography, you own the content and information that you submit or post to the Services and you are only granting Nigerian Biography the following non-exclusive license: A worldwide, transferable and sublicensable right to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish, and process, information and content that you provide through our Services, without any further consent, notice and/or compensation to you or others. We have the right, without compensation to you or others, to serve ads near your content and information, and your comments on sponsored content may be visible as noted in the Privacy Policy. We will not need to obtain your consent if we want to give others the right to publish your profile beyond the Service. Other Members and/or Visitors may access and share your profile and information, consistent. While we may edit and make formatting changes to your profile (such as translating it, modifying the size, layout or file type or removing metadata), we will not modify the meaning of your expression. Because you own your profile and information and we only have non-exclusive rights to it, you may choose to make it available to others, including under the terms of a Creative Commons license. You agree that we may access, store and use any information that you provide in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy. By submitting suggestions or other feedback regarding our Services to Nigerian Biography, you agree that Nigerian Biography can use and share (but does not have to) such feedback for any purpose without compensation to you. You agree to only provide content or information if that does not violate the law nor anyone's rights (e.g., without violating any intellectual property rights or breaching a contract). You also agree that your profile information will be truthful. Nigerian Biography may be required by law to remove certain information or content in certain countries. Disclaimer and Limit of Liability No Warranty This is our disclaimer of legal liability for the quality, safety, or reliability of our Services. TO THE EXTENT ALLOWED UNDER LAW, NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY (AND THOSE THAT NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY WORKS WITH TO PROVIDE THE SERVICES) (A) DISCLAIM ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND REPRESENTATIONS (E.G. WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, ACCURACY OF DATA, AND NONINFRINGEMENT); (B) DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE SERVICES WILL FUNCTION WITHOUT INTERRUPTION OR ERRORS, AND (C) PROVIDE THE SERVICE (INCLUDING CONTENT AND INFORMATION) ON AN “AS IS” AND “AS AVAILABLE” BASIS. Exclusion of Liability These are the limits of legal liability we may have to you. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED UNDER LAW (AND UNLESS NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY HAS ENTERED INTO A SEPARATE WRITTEN AGREEMENT THAT SUPERSEDES THIS AGREEMENT), NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY (AND THOSE THAT NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY WORKS WITH TO PROVIDE THE SERVICES) SHALL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU OR OTHERS FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, OR ANY LOSS OF DATA, OPPORTUNITIES, REPUTATION, PROFITS OR REVENUES, RELATED TO THE SERVICES (E.G. OFFENSIVE OR DEFAMATORY STATEMENTS, DOWN TIME OR LOSS, USE OR CHANGES TO YOUR INFORMATION OR CONTENT). IN NO EVENT SHALL THE LIABILITY OF NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY (AND THOSE THAT NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY WORKS WITH TO PROVIDE THE SERVICES) EXCEED, IN THE AGGREGATE FOR ALL CLAIMS, AN AMOUNT THAT IS THE LESSER OF (A) FIVE TIMES THE MOST RECENT MONTHLY OR YEARLY FEE THAT YOU PAID FOR A PREMIUM SERVICE, IF ANY, OR (B) N1000 (One Thousand Naira Only). THIS LIMITATION OF LIABILITY IS PART OF THE BASIS OF THE BARGAIN BETWEEN YOU AND NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY AND SHALL APPLY TO ALL CLAIMS OF LIABILITY (E.G. WARRANTY, TORT, NEGLIGENCE, CONTRACT, LAW) AND EVEN IF NIGERIAN BIOGRAPHY HAS BEEN TOLD OF THE POSSIBILITY OF ANY SUCH DAMAGE, AND EVEN IF THESE REMEDIES FAIL THEIR ESSENTIAL PURPOSE.

Read more at: http://www.google.com.ng/p/nigerian-biography-user-agreement-your.html
Copyright © Nigerian Biography

on facebook no contact information no photos no address !  no information on linkedin about the company or who is uche and maureen 


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1. What is the engine directory http://engine.com.ng

The Nigerian Engine ...
Profiles Biographies Wikis of Top "Noun"gerians plus Search powered by ojoojoo.com

edit entries as they happen


The Nigerian eNGgine http://engine.com.ng is an attempt to Profile every possible data object noun associated with the Country & Africa and Render Such Sets Searchable . From People Places Things .
Maintained by a group of Dedicated Research Analysts .
Part Powered By Google & Open Source Apps

Add an eNGine Today or just add your biography profile




These FAQs are to provide answers to any preliminary questions you may have about us or listing on the website:
1. What is the engine directory?

The engine directory is an online platform (a website) that provides the names and contact details of service providers  nouns  in media related industries.
2. What do you mean by the media, entertainment and other related industries?

These are the industries which are involved in activities like blogging biographys content dissemination   technical wikis  film making, music production, theatre, art and other related categories.
3. Who is a service provider in the blogging technical  media, entertainment and related industries?

A service provider in the media, entertainment and related industries are persons who work behind the camera such as agents, animators, camera crew, composers, directors, filmmakers, makeup artists, managers, promoters, etc.
4. Who is eligible to be listed?

If you are a service provider in the tehcnical blogging  media, entertainment, and related industries you are eligible to be listed. Eligibility does not guarantee listing.
5. What are the advantages of being listed?

a. The service provider is put on a map which is accessible to a large number of users
b. The service provider can be approached for business by people who visit the website.
c. The opportunity to provide services to potential clients and customers.
d. An indirect form of marketing. .
6. What does it mean to be listed?

The information of the service provided will become available on the website under the requisite category for which it is relevant.
7. What does listing entail?

If you click on the get listed profile engine tab, the listing requirements are set out. This includes reading and accepting the terms and conditions, complete the listing form and returning it to us. Following our evaluation and verification, successful applicants will be listed.
8. To be listed, do I have to pay a fee?

There is no listing fee at this time.
9. Do users or visitors of the website have to pay a fee?

No, not at this time.
10. I do not see a category for the services that I provide. Can a category for this service be provided?

Contact us with the details of the service in question and we will review and revert.

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How Serial Killer Khalil Wheeler-Weaver Was Brought Down By The Same App He Used To Lure A Victim

Had the family of Wheeler-Weaver's third victim not cleverly used the social media app Tagged to lure him into a sting operation, his murder streak may have continued.

Khalil Wheeler Weaver's Mugshot

Public DomainKhalil Wheeler-Weaver went on a three-month killing spree that ended only when his final victim’s family used an app to trap him.

Between August 2016 and November 2016, 20-year-old serial killer Khalil Wheeler-Weaver murdered three African American women and attempted to murder another.

Wheeler-Weaver garnered the dubious moniker “The Tagged Killer” when it became obvious that he had lured one of his victims via the social media app, Tagged.

Fifty-three minutes before taking she became his third victim, 20-year-old Sarah Butler ominously texted Wheeler-Weaver: “Wow. You’re not a serial killer, right?”

Had Butler’s family not successfully used the app to lure him to his capture, who knows how long the Tagged Killer would have continued on his spree?

Khalil Wheeler-Weaver, The Tagged Killer

To look at Khalil Wheeler-Weaver, one would not think he could be a cold-blooded killer. Consistently well-groomed and nicely dressed, he’s a reminder of how deceptive appearances can be.

Information on Wheeler-Weaver’s early life is limited. According to USA Today[1], Wheeler-Weaver grew up in a comfortable home in a well-to-do neighborhood in Orange, New Jersey.

Several of his family members are employed with law enforcement. In late 2016, the 20-year-old himself was working as a security guard at a hotel and a grocery store.

Wheeler-Weaver was described as[2] “calm and helpful” by detectives.

The First In A Series Of Fatal Dates

Wheeler-Weaver’s first victim was 19-year-old Robin West. According to her mother, West struggled with mental health issues and had been a sex worker at the time of her disappearance on Aug. 31, 2016.

The next day, local police responded to calls about a fire in an abandoned house. Upon entering the home, they discovered West’s charred remains.

Her body was so badly burned that she could not be identified until two weeks later through her dental records. Due to the state of her remains, her cause of death could not be determined.

When he was later questioned about West’s murder, Wheeler-Weaver told detectives[3] that he had gone for a meal with West and dropped her off at an abandoned house about two blocks from where she was found.

Before detectives could make sense of the strange story, another woman disappeared under similar circumstances.

Robin West Joanne Brown

FacebookRobin West, left, and Joanne Brown, right, were both murdered by Wheeler-Weaver less than two months apart.

Joanne Brown, who was 33 in 2016, was struggling with homelessness and also had mental health problems. She was last seen getting into Wheeler-Weaver’s car on Oct. 22, 2016, and reported missing later that month.

On Dec. 5, 2016, Brown’s remains were discovered in a different abandoned house. Tape covered her nose and mouth. She had been strangled to death.

“You’re Not A Serial Killer, Right?”

On Nov. 22, 2016, Wheeler-Weaver murdered his third and final victim, 20-year-old Sarah Butler, a second-year student at New Jersey City University.

Butler was a deviation from Wheeler-Weaver’s other victims as she was not a sex worker and did not struggle with mental health issues. She was also close to her family and in the middle of earning a degree.

Essex County assistant prosecutor Adam Wells later described the Tagged killer’s usual victims as “somehow less than human, less valuable. Maybe they wouldn’t be missed.”

Wheeler-Weaver’s murder of Sarah Butler would turn out to be a grave mistake and would ultimately result in his capture.

Sarah Butler

FacebookSarah Butler was Wheeler-Weaver’s final victim. Her family would eventually be responsible for bring Wheeler-Weaver to justice.

Butler was home for Thanksgiving when she met Wheeler-Weaver on Tagged, a social media app. The two had planned to go out before, but Butler decided against it. But when Wheeler-Weaver offered her $500 for sex, she agreed.

Butler jokingly texted him, “You’re not a serial killer, right?”

Butler told her mother she was going to meet a friend and borrowed her van. Thinking nothing of it, her mother said goodbye. This was the last time anyone would see Sarah Butler alive.

Her body was discovered on Dec. 1, 2016, at the 400-acre Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange.

Bringing Down The Tagged Killer

On Nov. 15, 2016, just before Butler’s demise, another woman identified only as “T.T.” approached authorities regarding an encounter she had with Wheeler-Weaver that almost left her dead.

The woman was 34-years-old, several months pregnant, and had recently become homeless. She relied on sex work to get by. She told authorities she had made a deal with Wheeler-Weaver to pay her for sex.

They met at a motel in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and left in Wheeler-Weaver’s car. But then he put on a ski mask and proceeded to handcuff T.T. duct tape her mouth. He raped her in the back of the car and strangled her to the point that she lost consciousness.

When she awoke, T.T. somehow managed to persuade her captor to drive her back to the motel. Once there, she ran into a room and locked the door. She called 911, but Wheeler-Weaver was gone by the time police arrived.

Sarah Butler’s family and friends were determined for justice and so took matters into their own hands. Butler’s sister knew the passwords to her social media accounts, including Tagged.

Khalil Wheeler Weaver's Mugshot

Essex County Prosecutor’s OfficeKhalil Wheeler-Weaver’s mugshot.

Logging onto Butler’s account, she looked through her communications from the time she disappeared and discovered Wheeler-Weaver.

Butler’s sister created a fake profile on Tagged and approached Montclair police about what to do next. Together they arranged a sting operation.

On Dec.6, 2016, Wheeler-Weaver arrived at the location he had arranged with his “date” and was instead met by undercover police officers. He was subsequently taken into custody.

Where The Case Currently Stands

In February 2017, Wheeler-Weaver was indicted on three counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, aggravated arson, desecration of human remains, aggravated sexual assault, and kidnapping.

He pled of not guilty to the three murders and the charge of attempted murder.

On the day he was taken into custody, authorities searched the Tagged killer’s home and found three cell phones in his bedroom.

These revealed many pieces of incriminating evidence, including searches Wheeler-Weaver had made that proved he’d lied to detectives about his whereabouts at the time the three women disappeared.

His internet searches included: “How to make homemade poisons to kill humans” and “What chemical could you put on a rag and hold to someone’s face to make them go to sleep immediately.”

It appeared that Wheeler-Weaver also thought about applying to become a police officer as he’d also searched: “police entrance exam practice test.”

CBS news coverage on the prosecution of Khalil Wheeler-Weaver.

After tracking Wheeler-Weaver’s cell phone, authorities could place him at the abandoned house containing West’s which was set on fire in September 2016. His phone records also revealed that he had initially driven away but then went back to watch the building burn.

Prosecutors also showed that the last person to call Joanne Brown before she disappeared was none other than Wheeler-Weaver himself. He picked her up, brought her to the abandoned house, and spent about an hour there before he left.

Her body was found in the home around six weeks later.

But the story is still developing. On Dec. 11, 2019, the prosecution rested their case.

For more murder tales, check out the story of Ted Bundy. Then, for another instance in which cell phones betrayed a criminal, read this story about a murder suspect who accidentally texted a confession to the detective.[4][5]


  1. ^ According to USA Today (www.northjersey.com)
  2. ^ described as (allthatsinteresting.com)
  3. ^ told detectives (www.rollingstone.com)
  4. ^ Ted Bundy (allthatsinteresting.com)
  5. ^ a murder suspect who accidentally texted a confession to the detective. (allthatsinteresting.com)

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Read It And Weep: 2019’s Funniest News Headlines That Put Us In Tears

From a drunken joyride in Amish country to Russia's first-ever slapping contest, let's take a look back on the year's funniest news stories.

Man Wearing Plush Laughing Emoji Head

PixabayThese funny news stories made our year, did they make yours?

With the end of the year in sight and all our fatigue with 2019 hitting its breaking point, we’ve compiled some funny news stories that came out this past year to help us through it.

From a pee-in-a-jar viral stunt on Twitter to a farting lawsuit in Australia, here is a round-up of 15 of the funniest news stories that gave us a laugh.

Did The Funniest News Story Of The Year Involve Vita Coco And Urine?

Vita Coco Pee Jar

Vita Coco/TwitterVita Coco’s rep confirmed that this was, in fact, really a jar of pee.

In recent years, we’ve seen a big shift in corporate brands trying to interact with customers through social media — to varying levels of success. But nobody would have expected just how far one beverage brand would go.

In what can only be brandished as an extreme PR move that made funny news headlines, the coconut water brand Vita Coco tweeted a photo of a jar of piss[1] to one of its critics online.

It all started when amateur MMA fighter-turned-blogger Tony Posnanski tweeted out his list of “unpopular opinions” — one of them turned out to be anti-coconut water.

“Coconut water is disgusting. Even if it is from a baby coconut,” Posnanski wrote. Vita Coco sent out its own tweet in response: “Unpopular Opinion: there is such a thing as too many eggs,” in reference to Posnanski’s Twitter bio crediting him as the owner of an all-you-can-eat egg restaurant.

Shots were fired and an all-out online banter ensued. Then, Posnanski finally wrote, “Fuck that. Save that nasty shit for someone else. I would rather drink your social media persons piss than coconut water.”

In a rational world, the argument should’ve stopped there. Instead, the company delivered the final blow when it tweeted a photo to Posnanski of Vita Coco’s social media staffer Lane Rawlings holding a jar of yellowish liquid. The accompanying caption read simply “Address?”

The company’s stunt quickly went viral and inspired a concoction of mix responses. Some wondered whether the brand had gone too far while others found it absolutely hilarious. But more importantly, the incident begged the question: was that real pee?

“It actually is. [Rawlings] went to the bathroom,” Vita Coco Brand Director Allison Finazzo said, then added[2] suspiciously: “I cannot confirm or deny why the pee is the color it is.” Alas, the true contents of Vita Coco’s pee jar will remain one of 2019’s biggest — and hilarious — mysteries.


  1. ^ jar of piss (allthatsinteresting.com)
  2. ^ said, then added (www.vox.com)

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Harlequin Ichthyosis, The Rare Condition That Leaves Sufferers Mistaken For Dolls

Harlequin ichthyosis, a genetic disorder that results in overly thick skin that's prone to cracking, used to mean certain death. Now, some people with the condition have lived into their 30s.

Boy With Harlequin Ichthyosis

Steven Schloss/Barcroft Media/Getty ImagesFive-year-old Evan Fascianos’ mother rubs cream on his neck. He is one of only a couple dozen sufferers of Harlequin ichthyosis.

Living with a rare genetic disease can be difficult, painful, and sometimes even lonely. For those living with the serious skin disease known as Harlequin ichthyosis, the world can be a particularly cruel place where harsh judgements, fear, and a lack of understanding override the necessity of love, care, and kindness.

When a newborn baby in Turin, Italy was abandoned by his parents after they discovered he had Harlequin ichthyosis, nurses at the local hospital stepped in to help care for him. And while the young boy is in need of nearly round the clock care to help alleviate the discomfort that his painful affliction brings, he still knows how to smile and laugh just like any other child.

Known as Giovannino, staff at the hospital are hoping to get the word out[1] about the baby’s need for a loving adoptive family who would be happy to provide care for an innocent child who had been left alone by those who should have cared for him most.

What Is Harlequin Ichthyosis?

Harlequin ichthyosis — also known as harlequin baby syndrome, harlequin fetus, and ichthyosis fetalis — is a rare but serious genetic condition that can be immediately identified at birth.

Babies born with the disease suffer from overly thickened skin that resembles thick scales (“ichthyosis” comes from the Greek word for “fish”), and is prone to severe cracks and painful splitting. Their skin’s thickness also makes it impossible to sweat properly, leading to an uncomfortable rise in body temperature.

Harlequin Ichthyosis Illustration

Wikimedia CommonsAn 1886 illustration of a newborn with Harlequin ichthyosis. Since the 19th century, it’s become possible to live with the disease.

Those with Harlequin ichthyosis may also have trouble breathing due to the restricted movements of their chest, arms, and legs. They’re also prone to infections during the first few weeks of their lives due to the constant fissuring of their skin. And while there is currently no cure, modern medical advancements have greatly improved the life expectancy and quality of life of those who are diagnosed with the illness.

In 2013, a 20-year-old woman from Arkansas named Stephanie Turner became the first person with Harlequin ichthyosis to give birth to a child. Speaking to Good Housekeeping[2] about her experiences with the disease and motherhood, Turner said:

“Since becoming a mom, my skincare regimen has… evolved. When I wake up, my skin is super dry and tight, so I have to take a bath every morning. Before my kids, I would soak for a long time. I’d check Facebook, relax — it was like a vacation. Now that I have kids, though, I get them breakfast first and then take a quick bath. But my two-year-old daughter is playing with my toothbrush in the bathwater and my three-year-old son is throwing towels. It’s definitely not a vacation anymore! My life is way more about taking care of them than of myself, which is how I wanted it to be.

Sadly, just a few months after her story was published, Turner passed away from complications due her illness. She was only 23 years old, proving that while those with the disease are able to live past childhood, it is still an illness that claims the lives of many who are only just beginning to fully experience life and all it has to offer.

Turner was survived by her loving husband and two children. There was about a 12 percent chance that each of their children would have the disease themselves, but neither did.

Stephanie Turner With Her Children

TLC/Barcroft ProductionsIn 2013, Stephanie Turner became the first person with Harlequin ichthyosis to have children. She died a few years later.

Diagnosis And History

Since Harlequin ichthyosis is a genetic disease, it can be diagnosed before birth via an amniocentesis, a procedure that requires a pregnant person to have fluid collected from their womb for testing. Otherwise, the disease can be evident from birth based on appearance alone.

General knowledge about Harlequin ichthyosis and those who are born with it has come a long way since the earliest known cases. In 1750, a reverend in South Carolina wrote of his exposure to patients living with the disease in a diary entry:

“On Thursday, April ye 5th, 1750, I went to see a most deplorable object of a child, born the night before of one Mary Evans in ‘Chas’town. It was surprising to all who beheld it, and I scarcely know how to describe it. The skin was dry and hard and seemed to be cracked in many places, somewhat resembling the scales of a fish. The mouth was large and round, and wide open. It had no external nose, but two holes where the nose would have been. The eyes appeared to be lumps of coagulated blood, turned out, about the bigness of a plum, ghastly to behold… It lived about 48 hours.”


Figure 1 illustrates a patient with Harlequin ichthyosis.

Treating Harlequin Ichthyosis

Medical breakthroughs and the ability to pinpoint specific genetic variances have helped reveal the exact cause of the disease: a mutation in the ABCA12 gene. This gene is responsible for ensuring that an integral protein is created that aids in the development of skin cells. Harlequin ichthyosis is the result of either a lack of this protein or a severely lowered amount of it.

One of the most important aspects of treatment is ensuring that the skin is constantly moisturized in order to protect the layers beneath as the thickened skin continually peels off. And while a diagnosis of Harlequin ichthyosis once meant a certain death sentence, early intervention and neonatal care have been shown to prolong life.

Once an newborn’s outer layers of thick skin peel off — during which time antibiotics are typically administered to prevent infection – they’re left with dry, red skin. For there on out, it’s a matter of constantly moistening the skin in order to prevent further cracking and infection. For the most severe cases, some doctors also prescribe oral retinoids, which prompt skin cells to die rapidly.

Still, even close medical attention can’t ensure survival. One 2011 study[3] that analyzed 45 cases of the disease found only 56 percent of patients survived.

Beating The Odds

Nusrit “Nelly” Shaheen, a woman from the United Kingdom, is likely the oldest living person with Harlequin ichthyosis (Diana Gilbert of Bermuda[4] is older, but has a different type of ichthyosis).

Like Shaheen, Mui Thomas has pursued her love of sports despite her condition.

Born in 1984, Shaheen has beaten the odds, living well past the typical life expectancy of someone with the disease. And she has not only survived, but thrived. In 2016, when she was 32 years old, Shaheen was nominated for an award in her hometown of Coventry.

“It is not easy to live with my condition but it is best to stay positive rather than look at the negative side of things,” she said in 2017[5]. “I like to do things, go out and enjoy my life.”

Not only does Nelly just enjoy her life, she has found independence and purpose through her job as a sports coach at a local elementary school in Coventry. And while she has certainly managed to stay a positive force for good for herself and others, she admits that it can be tricky staying confident in a world that cares so deeply about the way someone looks.

“It is hard to be different in this day and time,” she said. “You see all these pictures in the magazine… You don’t see anyone with my condition in the magazine. They want perfect but there is no such thing as perfect.”

And while Nelly’s journey stretches far beyond the standard struggles of simply being human, her search for acceptance, feeling worthy, and feeling beautiful are universal.

Harlequin ichthyosis is a rare disease; only one in 500,000 are affected in the United States, or just seven births annually. And with rarity comes the inevitable insensitivity and cruelness of those who seek to cause pain.

Since filming this segment, Hunter Steinitz has written a play about ichthyosis and graduated from Westminster College in Pennsylvania.

In November of 2019, a woman was arrested after making numerous threats via Instagram, Facebook, and even the GoFundMe page of a New York mother whose toddler, Anna Riley, suffers from Harlequin ichthyosis. But after receiving overwhelming support from friends, neighbors, and strangers, Anna’s mother, Jennie, released a touching statement regarding her Harlequin ichthyosis and her daughter:

“Ichthyosis is incredibly hard for anybody to live with, and I personally choose to live without hate in my heart. As shocking as this whole thing has been, I pray that instead of getting angry you would choose to make a positive out of this and donate to the foundation for ichthyosis.”

For those living with Harlequin ichthyosis like little Giovannino in Turin, Anna Riley in New York, and Nelly Shaheen in England, every day is a gift. But with any debilitating illness, there is always hope for a cure.

So as modern medicine inches ever forward, bringing new treatments and innovations into the lives of those who suffer, the best any and all can do is offer the ever-constant necessity of love, care, and kindness to those who need it most.

After learning about Harlequin ichthyosis, the genetic disorder that gives people thick, scaly skin, read about “tree man” syndrome, the extremely rare condition that turns people into living, breathing pieces of bark[6]. Then, see how one woman sweat blood for three years before finally seeking medical help[7].

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This Week In History News, Dec. 15 – 21

"World's oldest story" found in Indonesia, remains of ancient shield found alongside rider and chariot, suspected mass grace from historic massacre discovered.

44,000-Year-Old Animal Painting Found In Indonesian Cave Could Be “World’s Oldest Story”

Indonesian Animal Cave Painting

Ratno SardiScientists have determined a cave painting depicting what looks to be a hunting scene is more than 44,000 years old.

Two years ago, an Indonesian archaeologist named Hamrullah — who is also an avid caver — climbed up a fig tree to access the narrow entryway of a cave in southern Sulawesi. There, the researcher discovered an incredible sight: a brown-reddish rock painting unlike any other found before.

Hamrullah snapped a blurry photo of the rock art on his phone and sent it to his Australian colleague, Adam Brumm, who was stunned by what he saw.

See more here[1].

Remarkable 2,200-Year-Old Celtic Warrior Grave Complete With Horses, Chariot, And Shield Unearthed In Yorkshire

Horse And Chariot

Archeology & ArtsRemains of ancient horses beside an Iron Age chariot.

Ancient Celtic burials were regarded with great solemnity. A successful transition into the afterlife was of the utmost importance. These beliefs are especially evident in the recent discovery of an elaborate 2,200-year-old Celtic warrior grave which included an entire chariot with the rider, skeletal remains of the horses, and an extremely rare gilded shield.

According to the Yorkshire Post[2], there have been roughly 20 “chariot graves” like this found in the last century across England, and mostly in Yorkshire. This particular grave was first unearthed about a year ago, but it has continued to yield ancient treasures.

Dig deeper in this report[3].

Researchers May Have Just Located A Mass Grave From The 1921 Tulsa Race Riots

Tulsa Race Riots

Library of Congress
Researchers believe they have found a mass grave filled with bodies belonging to victims of the Tulsa race riots.

Those demanding answers for the black victims killed in the 1921 Tulsa race riots[4] are getting much closer to their wish, after the city announced the possible discovery of a mass grave site believed to be linked to the tragedy.

Researchers at the University of Oklahoma believe they have uncovered a possible mass grave site of the riot victims in the city’s Oaklawn Cemetery. The finding was announced by Scott Hammerstedt, a senior researcher for the Oklahoma Archeological Survey, during a public hearing of the city’s ongoing investigation into the massacre.

See more here[5].


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Scientist Creates Tiny ‘Gingerbread House’ 10 Times Smaller Than The Width Of A Human Hair

"Compared to the size of a typical gingerbread house that you might buy in a grocery store kit, mine is 20,000 times smaller."

Tiny Gingerbread House

Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy/McMaster UniversityA Canadian scientist built this tiny gingerbread house that measures in at one-tenth the width of a human hair.

There are many ways people can get into the holiday spirit. For scientists, that might involve integrating some merry cheer into their particular field. And one very skilled electron microscopy scientist recently did just that by carving out what is believed to be the world’s smallest gingerbread house.

As reported[1] by CBC Canada, Travis Casagrande, a research associate at Canada’s McMaster University, built a miniscule gingerbread house that is only one-tenth the width of a strand of human hair.

“Compared to the size of a typical gingerbread house that you might buy in a grocery store kit, mine is 20,000 times smaller,” Casagrande explained.

The gingerbread house is complete with elaborate details like a wreath, windows, a door, and chimney. He also carved out a tiny Canadian flag doormat and the logo of his university on its roof.

But unlike your average gingerbread house, you wouldn’t want to eat this tiny structure. Instead of gingerbread, Casagrande’s mini house is made out of silicon, which he used to etch out the tiny structure’s body using an ion beam microscope. A video of the intriguing holiday project was published online by the university:

Casagrande’s work at the Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy at McMaster University involves electron microscopes[2], which can be found in many research laboratories. As the name suggests, these microscopes use electrons to create an image of an object and can typically magnify things up to 2 million times.

The major use of this microscope is to take extractions of tiny materials that often measure in the micrometers. But before the object can be picked up by the electron microscope, it must be thinned out to about 200 times thinner so it can be used in a transmission electron microscope. Otherwise, the electron beam and the transmission electron microscope wouldn’t be able to transmit through the sample object.

The high-magnification that these electron microscopes have makes them very useful for scientists to inspect microorganisms and cells, medical biopsy samples, molecules, and metal structures, among other things.

“We are helping researchers understand the structure and properties of materials, and this is in order to solve problems and make things stronger, lighter, last longer, more affordable, more efficient,” Casagrande explained of the lab’s research work.

Believe it or not, the tiny gingerbread house was also placed on the head of a microscopic winking snowman, making Casagrande’s Christmas creation even more impressive. The festive details on the gingerbread house’s exterior and the snowman both show incredible craftsmanship, precision, and — of course — patience.

Mini Gingerbread House And Mini Snowman

Canadian Centre for Electron Microscopy/McMaster UniversityCasagrande’s tiny gingerbread was built on top of a microscopic snowman.

“Some of the construction of this was quite unconventional, though, so I had to come up with new techniques,” he said[3].

A zoomed-out perspective of the tiny structure and the similarly tiny snowman placed next to a strand of hair show just how small the objects really are. By comparison, the piece of hair actually looks much larger.

“The point of that was sort of to make some jaws drop when you realize even the snowman, which is much bigger than the house, is extremely tiny compared to the hair you see next,” Casagrande said. While the scale of the project appears small, it took an enormous effort to complete. The delicateness of the microstructures meant that they had to be done right the first time around.

“There are a lot of opportunities where things can go wrong in the making of this — and they did,” Casagrande said. “There’s no undo button.” According to the scientist, the spheres of the snowman’s body were some of the harder parts to do, even though they were larger than the pieces he normally works with.

In all, the mini gingerbread house and snowman took two days to complete. Casagrande said that he hopes his tiny Christmas display inspires people who aren’t familiar with the field of electron microscopy and that it demonstrates the important work done using the lab’s electron microscopes.

This tiny Christmas display isn’t the first time the researcher has brought major attention to the lab’s micro-sized projects. In 2017, Casagrande erected a tiny Canadian flag on a penny[4] in honor of Canada’s 150th birthday.

“We wanted to spark scientific curiosity for the general population,” he said, “for kids who are maybe thinking of careers in science, or even for adults.”

Next, peek inside the tiny houses an Oakland artist is using to combat the city’s homelessness epidemic[5] and read up on the world’s smallest mammals[6].


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‘The Last Good Time’: 55 Vintage Photos From Early ’90s Hollywood

Just before Leo, Brad, Charlize, and Keanu became untouchable, they partied their hearts out in an L.A. free of TMZ and camera phones in every pocket.

1 of 56

Hollywood's early 1990s power couple, Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder, attend photographer Herb Ritts' birthday party. Sept. 18, 1990.Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

2 of 56

Keanu Reeves at the premiere for Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey at the Hollywood Palladium on July 11, 1991.Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

3 of 56

Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio, who became friends while filming The Basketball Diaries. Nov. 11, 1993.Ke.Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

4 of 56

Angeline Jolie and Peta Wilson hit the dance floor at the 1997 Cable Ace Awards.Twitter

5 of 56

Before he was Tyrion Lannister, Peter Dinklage sang in a band called Whizzy, seen performing here circa the early 1990s.Twitter

6 of 56

From left, Patrick Dempsey, Richard Grieco, Costas Mandylor, and Christian Slater pal around while celebrating the release of Grieco's film, If Looks Could Kill, at the Roxbury Club on March 9, 1991.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

7 of 56

Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder attend the Mermaids premiere one year into their relationship. Dec. 10, 1990.Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

8 of 56

Charlize Theron celebrating her 22nd birthday with Hollywood's bright new shining star, Leonardo DiCaprio, who was smack-dab in the middle of Titanic superstardom. 1997.Randall Slavin

9 of 56

Pauly Shore, Judy Tenuta, and Fabio squeeze some fun out of Shore's HBO comedy special release party on Aug. 26, 1992.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

10 of 56

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson arrive at the 35th Annual Grammy Awards after-party at Jimmy's Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Feb. 24, 1993.Steve Graniz/WireImage/Getty Images

11 of 56

On the set of My Own Private Idaho, Keanu Reeves and co-star River Phoenix hang out while director Gus Van Sant snaps a photo. 1990.Twitter

12 of 56

A young Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp attend the L.A. premiere for What's Eating Gilbert Grape at the Paramount Theater on Dec. 12, 1993.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

13 of 56

Patrick Dempsey at the premiere of If Looks Could Kill, starring Richard Grieco, at the Roxbury Club on March 9, 1991.Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

14 of 56

Winona Ryder and boyfriend Johnny Depp attend the premiere for The Silence of the Lambs in Century City on Feb. 1, 1991.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

15 of 56

Keanu Reeves and My Own Private Idaho co-star and friend, River Phoenix. 1990.Twitter

16 of 56

Richard Gere, Cindy Crawford, and famous paparazzi photographer Ron Gallela arrive at the 1991 Moving Picture Ball. The night's event was a tribute to Martin Scorsese's contributions to cinema. 1991.Frank Trapper/Corbis/Getty Images

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Will Smith and his The Fresh Prince of Bel Air castmates enjoy the party in celebration of the show's 100th episode on Sept. 13, 1994.Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

18 of 56

Rob Lowe enjoys a cigarette outdoors in Los Angeles. Date unspecified.Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

19 of 56

Cameron Diaz and Milla Jovovich partying on the floor with some friends. 1995.Randall Slavin

20 of 56

In the midst of DiCaprio Mania, magician David Blaine and actor Lukas Haas — who were both part of DiCaprio's notorious "Pussy Posse," lift their friend up by his legs. Nov. 2, 1995.Patrick McMullan/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

21 of 56

Johnny Depp and gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson became fast friends during preproduction for Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Here they are holding a reading of Thompson's work at Depp's Viper Room club. Sept. 7, 1996.Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc./Getty Images

22 of 56

"We were at the Viper Room but I met Benicio [Del Toro] a few years earlier when he had a small part in a movie I worked on, Swimming With Sharks," said photographer Randall Slavin. "Next to him is Joseph Kraemer, who has gone on to score films, including many of Chris McQuarrie's." 1996.Randall Slavin

23 of 56

Richard Grieco and Christian Slater chill out and have a smoke during the If Looks Could Kill premiere at the Roxbury Club. March 9, 1991.Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

24 of 56

Nicolas Cage and pal Charlie Sheen have a laugh at a party at Bar One Nightclub in West Hollywood. June 16, 1990.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

25 of 56

Robert Downey Jr. during his tumultuous rollercoaster of a life in the early 1990s, pictured here at All Star Jam Night at the China Club in West Hollywood. June 26, 1990.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

26 of 56

Keanu Reeves and David Bowie pose for a photo. 1992.Lester Cohen/Getty Images

27 of 56

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt pose for a photo at a party on Sept. 15, 1995.Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

28 of 56

River Phoenix, K.D. Lang, and Liza Minnelli. Phoenix died two years later at Johnny Depp's Viper Room club due to a drug overdose. Feb. 1, 1991.The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

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Batman himself, Michael Keaton, with the Penguin, Danny DeVito, and Catwoman, Michelle Pfeiffer, attending the Batman Returns premiere in 1992.Twitter

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Kiefer Sutherland and Julia Roberts at Mann's Chinese Theater for the Young Guns II premiere. July 30, 1990.Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

31 of 56

Nicolas Cage has a smoke and a drink with girlfriend Lisa Stothard at the premiere for the David Lynch-directed movie Wild at Heart. Aug. 13, 1990.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

32 of 56

Marilyn Manson with his new girlfriend Rose McGowan and Twiggy, Manson's bassist and guitarist. 1997.Randall Slavin

33 of 56

Actor Eddie Mills and Reese Witherspoon backstage at the Wiltern after a Counting Crows concert. Witherspoon was in the midst of blowing up, with the Mark Wahlberg-starring Fear having just been released. 1996.Randall Slavin

34 of 56

Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, heading into All Star Jam Night at the China Club. Feb. 12, 1990.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

35 of 56

Sylvester Stallone, Demi Moore and husband Bruce Willis socializing at their shared business venture, Planet Hollywood. 1990.The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

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Johnny Depp and his post-Winona girlfriend Kate Moss at the 42nd birthday party for Mickey Rourke — which Johnny Depp organized and paid for. Sept. 25, 1994.Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive/Getty Images

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Mickey Rourke and Johnny Depp at Rourke's 42nd birthday party, thrown by Depp. Sept. 25, 1994.Lawrence Schwartzwald/Sygma/ Getty Images

38 of 56

"[Filming Speed was hard for me to really be serious because he would look at me and I'd be like," said Sandra Bullock before making a swooning face. Keanu Reeves later said, "She obviously didn't know that I had a crush on her, either." The pair are pictured here at Planet Hollywood in 1994.The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

39 of 56

Cameron Diaz and Edward Norton met in 1998, shortly after he'd been nominated for an Academy Award. The romance didn't last, and Norton went on to date Salma Hayek. Diaz and Norton are seen partying here in early 1999.KMazur/WireImage/Getty Images

40 of 56

Gina Gershon and Rob Morrow attend the Trainspotting premiere after-party. July 15, 1996.Steve Eichner/WireImage/Getty Images

41 of 56

Jude Law with actress Samantha Mathis. As photographer Randall Slavin later recalled, Mathis "rented this little house on Hillside, north of Franklin. We had this amazing summer there. When you're in your 20s and you just all gather at this house — every day, every night." 1995.Randall Slavin

42 of 56

Liv Tyler and Joaquin Phoenix congratulate their friend, Matt Damon, on his success with Good Will Hunting. Dec. 4, 1997.Kevin Mazur Archive/WireImage/Getty Images

43 of 56

Kate Moss and Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher, who later admitted, "By 1997 it had just gone berserk. I was doing loads of drugs and me and [bandmate and brother] Liam were just out of control." Sept. 29, 1998.Dave Benett/Getty Images

44 of 56

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Goldie Hawn during a party for Hawn's Death Becomes Her at Planet Hollywood. July 13, 1992.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

45 of 56

Brad Pitt and with John Lydon (otherwise known as Johnny Rotten) of the Sex Pistols, heading into a party hosted by David Bowie. Oct. 29, 1995.Ke.Mazur/WireImage/Getty Images

46 of 56

Brooke Shields attends a party for Quincy Jones at the Roxbury in West Hollywood. July 16, 1990.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

47 of 56

Nicolas Cage and friend Charlie Sheen stick together during a party for Guess Clothing hosted by Claudia Schiffer. Oct. 13, 1990.Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

48 of 56

Corey Feldman attends a Planet Hollywood party in 1993.Time Life Pictures/DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

49 of 56

Photographer Randall Slavin explained that Jeremy Davies (on Paul Rudd's shoulders) just wrapped a guest spot on Buffy, and was super excited. "Then he got cut and was crushed." Here they are at a Hole show, letting loose. 1996.Randall Slavin

50 of 56

Glenn Close and Woody Harrelson at a performance of the play Brooklyn Laundry at the Coronet Theatre in West Hollywood. April 25, 1991.Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

51 of 56

Judd Nelson at the after-party for the Rolling Stones' "Voodoo Lounge" Tour at the Hollywood Legion Hall. Oct. 19, 1994.Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

52 of 56

Leonardo DiCaprio and Dennis Hopper hang out like old friends at a party at Club USA. April 2, 1994.Steve Eichner/Getty Images

53 of 56

Marisa Tomei at a party for The Naked Angels Theatre Company. June 10, 1993.Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

54 of 56

Kate Moss and Mark Wahlberg on Sept. 19, 1995.Barry King/WireImage/Getty Images

55 of 56

"Cameron Diaz and I talk about this all the time," said Gwyneth Paltrow. "We're like, 'Thank God in the early '90s there were [so few] paparazzi. Thank God.' We cry in gratitude that no one was following us around and seeing what we were doing... I remember when Brad Pitt and I broke up, it was on the cover of the New York Post and there was no one outside my house. That would never happen today." Paltrow is pictured here with then-boyfriend Brad Pitt Oct. 29, 1995. Kevin Mazur Archive/WireImage/Getty Images

56 of 56

Angelina Jolie Dancing With Peta Wilson

‘The Last Good Time’: 55 Vintage Photos From Early ’90s Hollywood

Before there was a camera on every phone and a phone in every pocket, celebrities could still go out without being all but certain that their exploits would be recorded by somebody. This is why the 1990s were perhaps the last era in which Hollywood's hot, young talent could go out, let loose, and feel more like the popular kid in school, rather than an alien being documented by the masses.

Without such relative privacy, how else could Leonardo DiCaprio casually attend Charlize Theron's 22nd birthday party at Sunset Boulevard's infamous Chateau Marmont at the height of the global Titanic craze? How else could Johnny Depp buy a club, the Viper Room, and host all manner of debaucherous shenanigans inside?

And though this era was the last gasp of this kind of privacy, enough cameras were present to give us a glimpse of what Hollywood was like for the up-and-coming stars that ruled the first half of the '90s.

Discover more about this wild time below and travel back in time via the gallery above to revisit a world long gone by — yet one that will, nonetheless, live forever.

The Viper Room And The Wild Nights Of Early '90s Hollywood

Before Johnny Depp bought the place in 1993 and called it the Viper Room, 8852 Sunset Boulevard's Melody Room once served as a meeting place for the likes of infamous mobster Bugsy Siegel. But as soon as Depp took it over, it became the hot spot for young Hollywood. According to Hollywood Interrupted[1], no other spot on the strip was a hotter meeting place for young actors in the early 1990s.

In fact, New York Times bestselling author Mark Ebner said the audience was commonly far more famous than the rockers performing on the club's stage. Actress Samantha Mathis of Little Women and American Psycho fame — also the girlfriend of actor River Phoenix — as well as actor Richmond Arquette (brother of David, Rosanna, and Patricia), who often tended bar there, remembered it fondly.

"You knew that on Thursday night you'd put on the dress and the heels and the red lipstick," said Mathis. "And there were the Pussycat Dolls, and you'd see them dance around...[they] are sort of a burlesque, 1940s-style, all-girl show — they do these dances wearing bowler hats and underwear."

"It was great," said Arquette. "Christina Applegate was one of them for a while, and they actually danced recently at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party... The first time I ever set foot in the Viper Room, Johnny Cash was playing."

Keanu Reeves Outside The Viper Room

Denny Keeler/Contributor/Getty ImagesKeanu Reeves stands outside The Viper Room after performing with his band, Dogstar.

Viper Room talent booker Stacey Grenrock recalled transforming the club into a different theme every Monday. One week there would be mimes and people dressed as snowmen running around, while the following week would have a man dressed up as a gorilla barreling through the room.

"I can't think of a cooler place to play in L.A. than the Viper Room," said Nancy Sinatra. "If my dad were still performing, he'd want to play an after-hours show there."

And though Old Blue Eyes may have fancied a show at the Viper Room, it was indeed the generation that ruled early '90s Hollywood who made it their own. And it was here and other L.A. hotspots that these newly famous young actors cut loose — without fear of seeing their antics online the next day.

No Cameras, No Problem

Photographer Randall Slavin remembers[2] the early '90s era as the dying breath of freedom for those with any semblance of fame.

"Hollywood in the nineties was the last good time," he said. "You went out, and things would happen, and no one would know about it, which fostered an incredible sense of fun and party atmosphere. It was a different era, because people could let go and no one would take their pictures."

Jennifer Aniston And Adam Duritz

Randall SlavinJennifer Aniston had just become a break-out star on Friends when she started dating Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz.

Slavin recalls, for example, when Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz started dating Jennifer Aniston in 1995.

"Friends had just exploded and was massive, and Adam was in the biggest band in the country and his record was blowing up, so they were the biggest power couple," said Slavin. "We would all sit on the back patio until the wee hours of the morning, taking about how everyone's going to change the world and make great art."

"It was a very fertile, creative, wild time," said Duritz. "We all worked feverishly trying to make something of our lives and then went out every night and lost our minds. Crazy, wonderful time to be a young idiot in Hollywood."

But, sometimes, the idiocy went from fun to dangerous.

Drugs, Alcohol, And Innocence Lost

With so many stars and parties, drugs were always going to be around.

"It's amazing how many people I see on TV now who used to be standing around my kitchen doing lines at 3 in the morning," author Bret Easton Ellis told The Hollywood Reporter[3] of his wild '90s days. "Peter Dinklage, Mario Batali, Candace Bushnell... so many greats passed through that cokey den of inequity."

Johnny Depp, Hunter S. Thompson, and John Cusack arrive at the Viper Room in 1996.

Unfortunately, all good things inevitably come to an end, and even young Hollywood has to eventually reckon with that loss of innocence when the party must end. For Viper Room regulars and thus so many of early '90s Hollywood's in-crowd, that moment was encapsulated by the untimely drug overdose of 23-year-old star-in-the-making River Phoenix in the early morning hours of Oct. 31, 1993.

On the night of Oct. 30, Phoenix came to the Viper Room to play a show with his band (which included Depp and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers), but he was clearly not in a good way. He'd been on one of his regular drug binges — which he had down to a routine of coke or intravenous cocaine followed by heroin — and, in the words of friend Bob Forrest, looked like "a boxer who had taken one too many head-shots during a fifteen-round bout."

Phoenix only consumed more cocaine once inside the Viper Room and ultimately found his way out to the sidewalk, where he started convulsing as Mathis screamed in horror. His younger brother, Joaquin, called 911, but it was too late. He was taken to the hospital and promptly declared dead.

"The first night I was ever there, I was with River," Mathis later recalled. "For reasons I don't need to explain, it was ultimately not a joyous experience, and I think it was almost a year before I went back."

River Phoenix Tributes Outside The Viper Room

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty ImagesThe exterior of The Viper Room on the day after the death of River Phoenix. Fans have left flowers, candles, and notes at the spot where he collapsed.

After Phoenix's death, the wild days of the Viper Room and its regulars were never quite the same.

"I stepped in right after the River Phoenix incident," said Viper Room employee Kimberly Toth. "It was a very awkward situation, and that's when it became very touristy — there were a lot of out-of-town people with cameras."

Nevertheless, though these heady days were dangerous and even fatal for some, plenty of other young stars made it through the early '90s just fine. In fact, they had the time of their lives. And thanks to photos like those in the gallery above, we can peek in on their party-of-a-lifetime.

After traveling back in time to explore the early 1990s nightlife of young Hollywood stars in 55 mesmerizing photos, take a look at 66 revealing photos of celebrities before they were famous[4]. Then, check out vintage Hollywood in 48 photos[5].


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  2. ^ Photographer Randall Slavin remembers (www.instyle.com)
  3. ^ author Bret Easton Ellis told The Hollywood Reporter (www.hollywoodreporter.com)
  4. ^ 66 revealing photos of celebrities before they were famous (allthatsinteresting.com)
  5. ^ vintage Hollywood in 48 photos (allthatsinteresting.com)

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11 Of The Happiest News Stories That Came Out In 2019

From an Auschwitz survivor celebrating her 104th birthday with 400 of her descendants to a circus swapping real animals for holographic ones, here are some uplifting stories from this year.

Happy News Stories


The year of 2019 was full of highs and lows. Despite some truly disastrous news, there were also plenty of uplifting stories guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Want to read some good news for a change? Check out the best happy news stories of 2019 below.

Seven-Year-Old Won ASPCA Award For Rescuing More Than 1,300 Dogs From High-Kill Shelters

Roman Mcconn With White Dog

McConn Family
Young “dog whisperer” Roman McConn, 7, with one of the rescue dogs he helped.

The first item on our 2019 happy news round-up is sure to warm your heart because it involves puppies and a seven-year-old with a big heart.

Earlier this year, Roman McConn of Augusta, Georgia, made headlines after he reportedly saved more than 1,350 dogs and 50 cats from kill shelters.

The incredible feat was made possible through his 2016 initiative Project Freedom Ride[1], which Roman operates with his mother, Jennifer McConn. The success of the project earned the boy an award from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

“He’s a born dog whisperer,” said Crystal Eskola of Augusta Animal Services. Roman and his mom transport pets in danger of being euthanized at high-kill shelters in Texas to their forever homes in the Pacific Northwest.

“I think it’s very important for the dogs I meet that I give them the best chance at finding the right home that they need,” Roman said of his adorable Facebook videos, which feature the boy playing with the rescues. Promoting the pups online increases their chances of getting adopted sooner.

But the good news doesn’t stop there. In January, Roman received $20,000 in donations[2] during an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

Mother and son used the generous gift to make two transports for Project Freedom Ride in the following month. One of the transports was a major undertaking, which cost $15,000 to transport more than 70 rescued dogs to their new adoptive homes in Washington.

It was a happy news story with an equally happy ending.


  1. ^ Project Freedom Ride (allthatsinteresting.com)
  2. ^ received $20,000 in donations (www.augustachronicle.com)

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Scientists Recover Full Human Genome From A 5,700-Year-Old Piece Of Chewing Gum

Researchers determined what the chewer looked like, their gender, their diet, and their lifestyle — all from this piece of multi-millennia-old gum.

Ancient Chewing Gum From Birch Tar

Theis JensenThis ancient gum is made out of the bark of the birch tree and was found at the archaeological dig site of Syltholm, on the Danish island of Lolland.

Archaeologists in Lolland, Denmark unearthed a piece of 5,700-year-old chewing gum made of birch bark and found to their great surprise that the ancient artifact contained DNA. The DNA was so well-preserved that scientists could reconstruct the entire human genome of the Stone Age person who had chewed the gum.

According to The Smithsonian[1], experts were even able to identify the microbes that lived in this ancient human’s mouth and determine their dietary habits — all from a piece of multi-millennia-old gum.

“These birch pitch chewing gums[2] are kind of special in terms of how well the DNA is preserved,” said co-author of the study published in Nature Communications[3], Hannes Schroeder.

“It’s as well-preserved as some of the best petrous [skull] bones that we’ve analyzed, and they are kind of the holy grail when it comes to ancient DNA preservation,” Schroeder added.

A CBS This Morning segment on the remarkable find.

Birch pitch is made by heating the bark of the birch tree and was used as a reliable prehistoric glue across Scandinavia. It was used to construct weapons by combining stone parts to wooden handles.

Many of these ancient birch pitch pieces also contain toothmarks, which suggests that Stone Age persons likely chewed the adhesive as well.

Experts believe the gum was chewed in order to render it malleable or even to alleviate toothaches as the bark of the birch tree has antiseptic properties. The pitch could also have been used to clean teeth and ease hunger pains.

Luckily, the gum’s antiseptic and water-resistant characteristics also allowed it to efficiently preserve DNA.

“It is amazing to have gotten a complete ancient human genome from anything other than bone,” said Schroeder according to SciTech Daily[4].

Researchers could glean such details about the human which chewed the pitch as gender, disease, and lifestyle.

Indeed, the human genome showed that the chewer was female and genetically more closely related to hunter-gatherers from mainland Europe than to central Scandinavians of her time and locale.

Researchers could also determine what she likely looked like, with dark skin, dark hair, and blue eyes.

Illustration Of Scandinavian Gum Chewer

Tom BjörklundExperts learned that the chewer was female and potentially a child who commonly ate hazelnuts and duck. This illustration was rendered according to researchers’ conclusions.

Schroeder added that the ancient person’s appearance is particularly interesting “because it’s the same combination of physical traits that apparently was very common in Mesolithic Europe.”

According to this find, Schroeder suggested, the woman was likely genetically linked to people in Spain or Belgium. Schroeder believes this finding also supports the notion that two different waves of people landed in Scandinavia after the ice sheets vanished 11,000 to 12,000 years ago.

Even more specifically, the DNA results revealed traces of plant and animal DNA in the gum, like hazelnuts and duck, which suggested that these items may have been part of the individual’s diet.

But the Syltholm dig site is believed to be from a time when farming had already arrived in Scandinavia, yet the woman’s genome has no farmer ancestry in it.

As such, researchers surmised that the woman was of a group of western hunter-gatherers that remained separate from the Scandinavian farmers.

“It looks like in these parts maybe you have pockets of hunter-gatherers still surviving, or living side-by-side with farmers for hundreds of years,” concluded Schroeder.

Map Of Scandinavian Birch Tar Discovery

Nature CommunicationsThe dig site is fortunately rather muddy, aiding even further to the preservation process.

The ancient gum also revealed the bacterial evidence of gum disease, and Streptococcus pneumoniae, which causes pneumonia to this day.

For Anders Götherström, a molecular archaeologist at Stockholm University, this gum is potentially a better source for collecting pathogens and DNA “than ancient bones or teeth.” Good thing traces of it have been found all across Scandinavia.

Next, read about the Montana man with the oldest American DNA ever recorded[5]. Then, learn about Viking sex slaves and the dirty little secret behind the founding of Iceland[6].

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Pickfair Was The Estate Of Hollywood Royalty — Then ‘Ghosts’ Caused Its Downfall

In the 1920s, Pickfair was the most famous mansion in Hollywood, home to lavish parties and famous guests. But after new owners claimed the property was haunted, it met an unfortunate demise.

Mary Pickford And Douglas Fairbanks At Pickfair

Wikimedia CommonsMary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks enjoying Pickfair’s pool.

Long before “Kimye” or “Brangelina,” there was the original celebrity portmanteau: “Pickfair.” The word combined the names of early Hollywood’s two biggest stars: Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.

Specifically, Pickfair referred to the power couple’s lavish 15-acre estate in Beverly Hills, which was a popular meeting place for Hollywood stars.

The property had a colorful history highlighted by extravagant parties, famous owners, and claims of paranormal activity. Here’s how it became a prominent part of Hollywood — and why it was ultimately destroyed.

The King And Queen Of Hollywood

Mary Pickford With Douglas Fairbanks

Wikimedia CommonsMary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks were known as Hollywood royalty during the 1920s.

Pickfair was in every way an extension of the Hollywood power couple that created it. Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks were the most prominent actors of the 1910s and 1920s. Pickford was the original “America’s Sweetheart,” an actress famed for her beauty and wholesome disposition.

Her long, blonde-ringleted tresses gave her the moniker “Blondielocks,” and fans were dismayed when she finally cut them. One historian even joked[1]: “You would have thought she’d murdered the American eagle.”

Pickford was beloved by the American public, transitioning successfully from an aspiring actress into a young adult star of early Hollywood.

She starred in the likes of Sparrows, Coquette, and Daddy-Long-Legs, blazing a trail as a producer in a boys’ club era. By all accounts she reigned benevolently as the queen of Hollywood, raising funds for unemployed film workers and later co-founding the production company United Artists.

Meanwhile, Douglas Fairbanks was the perfect king to match his queen: an energetic, athletic actor known for roles in The Mark Of Zorro, The Iron Mask, and The Thief of Baghdad.

He had an eccentric side as well, with a penchant for nude jogging[2]. He even had an underground running track so he could run naked in private.

But he was all-American through and through, born in Denver and exuding the kind of Western can-do attitude that translated well to silent films.

Luxury, Status, And Glamour At Pickfair

The Pickfair Estate

Getty ImagesMary Pickford standing on the front steps of Pickfair.

Despite being married to other people when they first met, Pickford and Fairbanks were immediately drawn to each other and began an affair.

Shortly after their divorces were finalized, they tied the knot in March 1920 and enjoyed the ultimate wedding gift: Pickfair, the stunning ranch-turned-mansion in Beverly Hills.

Although Pickfair started out as a wooded property with a small hunting cabin, it quickly became a luxurious estate with a Tudor-style mansion.

Purchased by the couple in 1919 and transformed by architect Wallace Neff, Pickfair became a 22-room mansion, rumored to be the first private residence in Los Angeles to boast a swimming pool.

It was an architectural marvel, with an impressive art collection and even an old-West saloon.

Aerial View Of Pickfair In 1920

Wikimedia CommonsPickfair seen from above. Circa 1920.

An invitation to a party at this lavish mansion was truly a golden ticket.

Pickfair attracted the most notable individuals in the world, with the likes of Joan Crawford, Charlie Chaplin, and Albert Einstein coming to visit the estate. It also hosted famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Even Lord and Lady Mountbatten, prominent members of the British Royal family, honeymooned at the estate.

Pickfair was so famous that Life Magazine dubbed it: “a gathering place only slightly less important than the White House… and much more fun.”

Pickfair’s Second Act

Mary Pickford At Home

Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesMary Pickford curls up on a divan in the living room of Pickfair.

Pickford and Fairbanks loved to entertain, and did so supremely, throwing the best parties in town. Yet, behind all the glamour of the power couple, their marriage wasn’t perfect.

The couple divorced in 1936, although they stayed connected until Fairbanks’ death in 1939. Pickford lived in the house until her own death in 1979, becoming a near recluse by the end of her life.

The era that made Pickfair what it was passed — but its time was not over.

After Pickford’s death, her third husband Buddy Rogers sold Pickfair to Los Angeles Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss[3] for $5.4 million in 1980.

Buss’s daughter Jeanie recalled[4]: “My dad really had no idea the implications of that home when he bought it. It was a great real estate thing — five acres of land in Beverly Hills. When we went through it, I’ll never forget — [Pickford’s] Oscar was still sitting there.”

Buss realized it would have been more cost-effective to raze the neglected mansion and rebuild, but instead chose to restore and update the famed building instead. Through the 1980s, the Busses capitalized on Pickfair’s splendor and reputation to use it to house lucrative fundraisers.

Paranomal Rumors

Pickfair Mansion

Getty ImagesTables set up outside the Pickfair mansion.

Pickfair changed hands once more in 1988. Singer Pia Zadora and her then-husband bought the property for $6.7 million, thinking it’d be a good place to raise their kids. But then, strange things started to occur.

One night when her husband was out of town, Zadora heard a blood-curdling scream at night. It was her young daughter, who came running and crying about a woman staring at her in the bedroom.

Actress Pia Zadora discusses her ghostly encounters at Pickfair.

“She said, ‘Mom, I saw this very tall, white, ghost-ish woman standing above my bed when I woke up,” Zadora claimed. “My daughter described this apparition of this woman: She had a white gown on and she was looking at her and laughing.”

Naturally, Zadora suspected it was just her child’s imagination or the stress of moving homes. However, it didn’t take long for her to start seeing and hearing strange things in the home herself — including the laughing woman.

Legend has it that paranormal activity at Pickfair went all the way back to its original owners[5], Pickford and Fairbanks. The couple reportedly saw the spirit of a female servant multiple times.

As time went on, others reported seeing a ghostly woman wearing white, a male spirit near the entrance, and another apparition carrying sheet music. But while previous owners apparently took these “ghosts” in stride, Zadora and her family couldn’t handle them.

Pickfair’s Demise

The paranormal activity played a big role in the family’s decision to level the prominent piece of Hollywood history in 1990, leaving only the original gates[6].

They replaced the iconic building with a Venetian Palazzo-style mansion. Although Zadora originally said that termites were the reason for demolishing the house, she changed her story during a 2012 episode of the show Celebrity Ghost Stories, when she claimed that Pickfair was haunted.

Zadora and her family were heavily criticized for tearing down the Pickfair mansion, which many felt was a notable part of Hollywood’s history.

Among the critics was Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., son of the famous actor who once owned the mansion, who said[7], “I regret it very much. I wonder, if they were going to demolish it, why they bought it in the first place.”

For her part, Zadora defended the decision: “If I had a choice, I never would have torn down this old home. I loved this home, it had a history, it had a very important sense about it and you can deal with termites, and you can deal with plumbing issues, but you can’t deal with the supernatural.”

In 2008, the Pickfair property and its newer mansion was listed for a massive $60 million[8].

Pickfair Today

Wikimedia CommonsThe Venetian Palazzo-style house that replaced Pickfair.

As the center of early Hollywood, Pickfair was richer in symbolism than anything else. All we can do now is remember its interesting story and the Golden Age of Hollywood it represented.

It was a true testament to an epoch gone by, highlighted by famous visitors, elaborate parties, and maybe even a few ghosts.

Next, learn about Hollywood’s infamous haunted hotel[9]. Then learn about other haunted places in the world[10] that’ll terrify even non-believers.


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21 Startling Images Of India’s Biggest Landfill That’s Almost As Tall As The Taj Mahal

For the poor people living in the slums surrounding the Ghazipur landfill in New Delhi, "this mountain of trash has made our lives hell."

1 of 22

The Ghazipur landfill towers over New Delhi's surrounding slums and pollutes the local groundwater.Noemi Cassanelli/AFP/Getty Images

2 of 22

The Indian capital of New Delhi generates nearly 9,000 metric tonnes of garbage every day. Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images

3 of 22

Money Sharma/AFP/Getty Images

4 of 22

An Indian worker, called a "rag picker," carries a bag of recyclable materials found at the landfill, hoping to sell them for a buck or two. Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

5 of 22

Delhi has an extensive network of rag-pickers, scrap-dealers, and formal recycling facilities. Xavier Galiana/AFP/Getty Images

6 of 22

Ravi Choudhary/Hindustan Times/Getty Images

7 of 22

A highly polluted waterway in Ghazipur.Frédéric Soltan/Corbis/Getty Images

8 of 22

The area around the Ghazipur landfill is filled with slums. They've remained near the stinky, polluted, and poisonous landfill only because they cannot afford to leave.Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images

9 of 22

A rescue operation team works where a garbage dump caved in on Sept. 1, 2017, resulting in the deaths of two people. Mohd Zakir/Hindustan Times/Getty Images

10 of 22

Rescuers assisting a man injured by the Ghazipur landfill.Mohd Zakir/Hindustan Times/Getty Images

11 of 22

Mohd Zakir/Hindustan Times/Getty Images

12 of 22

Xavier Galiana/AFP/Getty Images

13 of 22

The landfill has grown so much over the past few years that it's almost as tall as the Taj Mahal.Frédéric Soltan/Corbis/Getty Images

14 of 22

People scavenging for food and recyclable materials in the toxic, vile stench, only to earn less than $2 each day by doing so. Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

15 of 22

Chandan Khanna/AFP/Getty Images

16 of 22

Residential buildings next to the huge Ghazipur landfill. Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images

17 of 22

Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images

18 of 22

A new incinerator machine behind the excavator. Sushil Kumar/Hindustan Times/Getty Images

19 of 22

Sushil Kumar/Hindustan Times/Getty Images

20 of 22

Most of those working in the dump live in nearby shanties, mainly Muslims from the impoverished state of Bihar in northeastern India or illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Rick Loomis/Los Angeles Times/Getty Images

21 of 22

Money Sharma/AFP/Getty Images

22 of 22

Delhi Landfill Site Pickers

21 Startling Images Of India’s Biggest Landfill That’s Almost As Tall As The Taj Mahal

They call it the Mount Everest of garbage. India's massive Ghazipur landfill, outside New Delhi, takes up as much area as 40 soccer fields and is as high as the towers on London's tower bridge. And it's still rising — by 32 feet every year. At this rate, it will be as tall as the Taj Mahal (240 feet) by the year 2020.

The issue here is not just wasted space. The mountain of trash is causing extensive pollution — both in the air and by permeating into groundwater. Between 2013 and 2017, there were 981 deaths from acute respiratory infection in Delhi alone. Studies say it's a notable health risk to anyone within three miles of it[1].

The Ghazipur landfill has no liner system. Therefore the leachate it produces oozes into the ground and into water systems. Leachate is the often-black toxic liquid that drains from a landfill.

One doctor says she sees upwards of 70 patients a day complaining of respiratory issues or stomach issues caused by pollution. Most of these patients are children and babies.

"Along with the smell," says[2] local Pradeep Kumar, "you have the smoke and pollution, which is the root cause of all the diseases here."

India is growing at a huge rate, with a current population of more than 1.3 billion. Its urban areas produce 62 million tons of waste a year, half of which ends up in landfill sites.

To add insult to injury, the Ghazipur landfill isn't only passively killing people, it's now actively killing them. Two locals died in 2017 when a 50-ton "avalanche" of garbage[3] occurred, washing away four vehicles.

One of the fatalities was 30-year-old Rajkumari, who was on a scooter when a giant wave of trash buried her. It took more than an hour for people to find her body and pull it from the wreckage.

"When I saw my daughter's body, my whole world was turned upside down," her father said. "I had wished to see my daughter in a wedding dress and not in a shroud."

Ghazipur's Trash Pickers

Abutting the Ghazipur landfill are slums occupied by trash pickers. They scavenge for plastics to sell to recycling plants for what amounts to maybe $2 a day.

"This work is easier in winter," says[4] Sheikh Rahim, 36. "But I like it all right. I'm used to it, and anyway, I don't have a choice."

Every day at noon, Rahim scales the monstrous rubbish pile. He goes at this time because there are fewer people when its so hot — less competition. Sometimes his eight-year-old daughter accompanies him while vultures soar overhead.

At dusk, they descend. They sort through what they've collected and deliver it to middlemen like Mohammed Asif, who sells empty bottles to truckers on their way to recycling plants.

"I'm a businessman. I do this for money," Asif told NPR with a hint of swagger. But he turned serious: "If I don't, our streets will fill with trash. We won't be able to handle it."

The Future Of Ghazipur And India's Mounting Waste

The Ghazipur landfill opened in 1984. According to Indian law, rubbish can only be piled to a height of 65 feet before a facility must be shut down. Ghazipur reached this milestone in 2002, and yet garbage continued to arrive with no other place to put it.

In one of the small efforts made to control the overwhelming mountain of waste, a small recycling facility opened right next to it. However, it only adds to the nearby residents' misery. The plant burns tiny amounts of trash for energy, and the smoke it emits is poisonous.

So what's being done to counter the effects of a landfill so enormous that it's long overdue for aircraft warning lights?

The Indian government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, took one small step in 2014 with the "Clean India Mission[5]." Waste management introduced fines for people who don't recycle in 2016. Finally, in June 2018, Modi announced a goal to eliminate all single-use plastic containers by the year 2022.

Any actions will seem small in comparison to the looming pile of trash, but the technology to turn all waste into energy is getting closer every day[6]. However, it's not soon enough for the people of Ghazipur.

"Children fall sick very often here. We want to breathe freely but we can't," said Muhammad Aslam. "This mountain of trash has made our lives hell."

After learning about India's enormous and poisonous Ghazipur landfill, dig deeper into Delhi's insane pollution problems[7]. Then, read out about Mr. Trash Wheel[8], the solar-powered water wheel that's removed more than 1 million pounds of trash from a waterway.


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